SIP Trunks

SIP Trunks Overview

Southwest Telephone Company knows that the heart of a communications system is reliable connections.

Our SIP Trunking packages allow you to connect your IP-PBX to Southwest’s network to leverage our industry leading international rates, our flat-rate domestic termination, and our vast origination network.

Experience sophisticated enterprise voice and SIP trunking technologies through our complete multi-continent bandwidth sharing from a single pool of calling resources. Manage less premise technology and forget constant voice infrastructure upgrades. PRI and SIP connections are supported as well as PBXs, we handle all conversions. You can add new locations and adopt new technologies while leveraging your existing investments.


VOIP Origination

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) Origination provides reliable inbound access for carriers via the Southwest IP network. It enables qualified service providers to receive local telephone calls from remote markets.

  • In-bound (Originating) service from multiple markets
  • Local Number Portability
  • Includes Directory Listing and Caller ID with name
  • Eliminate capital expense associated with building a physical “Point Of Presence”
  • Create a national virtual presence or a local presence in a remote city or town and accelerate your company expansion into new markets

Reliable and Redundant

Southwest Telephone Company has created a dedicated network all over the nation with several redundancies in place. If one route fails others are there to automatically take over with no down time.

  • Nationwide interstate and intrastate termination service
  • Multiple interconnection options — SIP & TDM
  • Detailed usage reporting (hourly, daily, monthly)
  • Both interstate & intrastate, over our high speed Tier 1 backbone.
  • Eliminate the need to negotiate with multiple vendors or manage a variety of complex interconnection sites and contracts.

Supercharge Your Communications System

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