SWTel Quick Facts

We offer global scale business telecommunications, combining Phone System with direct routing and/or calling plans.

  • True Unified Communications (UCaaS)
  • Deploy across all platforms in Minutes
  • Provision Numbers in Minutes
  • Global Network
  • Built-in Security and Regulatory Compliance, FINRA, HIPAA, PCI, SOX & FIPS / Government security compliant

Phone System enables call control and PBX capabilities in Microsoft Teams, effectively replacing your on-premises telephony hardware. Pair it with Direct Routing or Calling Plan and your users will get full calling capabilities in Teams Powered Office 365.

Combine the power of Microsoft Teams and SWTel

The new chat-based, voice & video enabled workplace is here. See why over 75% of Fortune 100 companies are using Microsoft Teams.

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NuOffice UCaaS
Use NuOffice to deploy cloud-based Unified Communications services to significantly enhance employee and customer communications for increased productivity.

SMS & MMS Messaging
SWTel delivers your messages to any and every destination possible, making sure that no location goes untouched thanks to our Worldwide Carrier Network carefully chosen carriers worldwide. SWTel offers a consolidated network built to suit even the largest companies. We offer state of the art universal monitoring and robust end-to-end security with unparalleled encryption.

Market wide competitive rates, document and screen sharing, premium grade connection, instantaneously record, watch and share conferences, live 24/7 customer-care with customized settings accord to your business requirements.

SWTel has a wide array of VOIP termination or routing plans to facilitate reliable, quick connections around the globe. Our prompt customer support ensures your questions are rapidly resolved.

Phones & Devices
SWTel is registered distributer of Polycom and Yealink products. We carry a full line of equipment to meet your diverse communication needs.

Voice Services
Data Services


Wireless ISP
Now SWTell offers Wireless ISP that lets users connect to the Internet through a fixed wireless connection up to 10 Gigs.

Unified PBX
SWTel deploys the most advanced and sophisticated PBX systems available without the significant capital outlay. SWTel’s hosted PBX platforms are the most economical and advanced option for your business. A hosted PBX platform is only as good as its back-end infrastructure. SWTel has worked tirelessly to innovate in this area and have built out geo redundant data centers to achieve maximum uptime and flexibility.

SIP Trunks
Connect your current UC or PBX system to SWTel’s network to leverage industry leading local, domestic and international rates with PRI or SIP, public or private. SWTel is proud to be recognized among an elite handful of partners certified by Microsoft to provide your business with the strongest commercial encryption protocols, TLS/SRTP.

Dedicated Internet
Being connected is critical to the success of any business. With SWTel’s Dedicated Internet you will be connected with a reliable and fast network. SWTel can provide a myriad of connection types including Ethernet, cable and DSL to fit the needs of customers.

Multi-Protocal Label Switching (MPLS) is the high performance and highly efficient method of direction data between sites. SWTel can provide options for site-to-site or any-to-any network configurations.

Managed Services

Hybrid PBX
A Hybrid PBX system is an ultimate approach for large companies, call centers, and businesses with multiple locations. Essentially, a Hybrid PBX works just like our Unified product except it adds the power of cloud computing to currently installed PBX systems combining the features and benefits of a hosted PBX solution with the integration of a legacy based system for a best in breed network solution.

Toll Free & Long Distance
Connect cost effectively and with ease to your toll-free numbers, allowing customers to call without paying long distance charges in addition to conveying professionalism. Both toll free and long distance least cost are plans available.

SWTel’s VPN solutions allow your business to connect multiple offices and enjoy the simplicity of combining your voice, data, and Internet traffic over a single network. Whether you have two sites or 200, SWTel can customize a secure, reliable solution to maximize your networking investment. Bandwidth is available up to 10 Gbps.

International Private Line
International Private Line (IPL) or sometimes called “International Private Leased Circuit” give you a guaranteed and always-on access to multiple international locations.

Microsoft Teams

Communicate in the Moment
Chat in teams, one-on-one or in groups. Audio and video calls are just a click away, notifications and chat history ensure everyone is kept up to date. Access Microsoft Teams on any device with confidence knowing it’s been built with enterprise-level security from Office 365. Give your team the information they need, right in Office 365. Chat, content, and tools are all in the team workspace. File Storage, channels by project, Microsoft Teams, SharePoint, or OneNote and more!

Customize for Each Team and Content Needs
Tailor your workspace to include the content and capabilities your team needs every day. Tabs and Connectors provide quick access to frequently used documents, websites, and 3rd party apps.

Eliminate the Need for On-Premise PBX Hardware and Costly Capital Expenditures
The quick deployment time for Teams infrastructure translates into reduced time to market and enables you to benefit from the latest technology with predictable and fixed monthly OpEx costs.

Without the right network behind you, you risk falling behind. Take our assessment to see where you stand.

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Small Business

Every small business needs to be able to respond quickly to shifting customer needs. Keeping your employees connected is vital to the success of your business now more than ever. With SWTel’s communication systems, your business will open new doors to bigger goals and more achievable means to get there.


With one of the most reliable voice services available in the nation, SWTel’s promise is to help serve Government organizations to serve the people they govern. With cost-effective and technologically advanced communications systems, Government organizations can get more work done effectively for a lower cost.


Improving your productivity is means improving your ability to share, make applications perform faster, and collaborate more thoroughly. In a customer experience-driven business world, being able to communicate seamlessly and share effortlessly is essential to both your team and the customers you serve, and with top of the line speeds and reliability, you can trust that your business is at the forefront of industry and consumer demands.


As patient, hospital, and other healthcare needs continuously advance with technology, so do our services. SWTel’s systems for healthcare emphasize strength, flexibility, and security, allowing you to reliably and intelligently stay up to date with state of the art technology within the healthcare industry. With the richness of information and communication speeds SWTel can provide, healthcare organizations can improve both patient experiences and productivity.


With ever-expanding access to information online, there’s no reason for the Education sector to fall behind. Using SWTel’s communication services, you can create reliably accessible, mobile-friendly, secure, and powerful learning environments for your audience. As we proceed into an increasingly digitally-based world, we believe in the importance of delivering educational material to future generations in a way that each and every student can access without barriers, using the latest in cloud-based technology.


High performance communication is vital to any well-operated hotel. With the scalability and reliability of our networks, our Hospitality clients can depend on our ability to meet each and every industry and guest need. Knowing that customer satisfaction is the most important factor in the industry, we happily and reliably offer services tailor-made to your guests, such as superior in-room entertainment and highly secure, dedicated internet access. Allowing your customers the best that technology has to offer is essential in creating a comfortable, memorable stay, and allowing that same technology to your employees gives them the ability to work more efficiently and effectively.


Working in finance means being able to constantly and consistently shift to the ever-changing needs of your voice and data capabilities. Whether locally or globally, SWTel’s solutions for finance sector needs will connect your voice, data, and managed services anywhere that the market demands.

Supercharge Your Communications System