Who We Are

Southwest Telephone is a Nevada based Competitive Local Exchange Carrier in Las Vegas to serve what the company views as an underserved market, not by the mere number of competitors but by the totality of the solutions and the lack of listening to the customer needs.  The company’s philosophy is simple; we believe that you never get a second chance to make a first great impression.  We also believe that no two solutions are the same; however, each new solution leaves clues as to how we can better serve our customers needs and the individuality they deserve.

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Our Advantages

Here at Southwest we believe there are four core traits or strengths that distinguishes a mediocre telecom provider to a superior provider: Variety, Reliability, Ability, and Scalable.  These four important ingredients guarantee the best services to your company and in return you can provide the best for your customers.  Here is how we strive to encompass the following four traits in each product we offer and to each customer we work with.


Southwest Telephone is owned by a nationwide CLEC in 44 states having a complete portfolio of products including Hosted and Hybrid PBX, Dedicated Internet, PBX / SIP Trunks, Toll Free, MPLS, and all Data Solutions.


Being a CLEC allows us to be carrier agnostic, empowering us to give the customer a true network redundancy, adding security, and achieving the lowest possible cost.  The reliability for the network and applications that support your business operations.


Southwest’s proven ability to look to the future, while paying equal attention to the bottom line, makes us the provider of choice for wholesale and retail customers seeking to offer products and services quickly and at an affordable price.


Southwest’s full range of innovative, customizable choices assure customers our solutions are scalable and will integrate with all their voice, internet, and data needs.


Secure, scalable and future-proof voice applications with integrated SIP, Hosted PBX and Unified Communication services

Network Services

High-bandwidth options with flexible & cost-effective ways to connect business locations and deliver critical applications, data, and information

Why Choose Us

While being an advanced network is important, equally important is creating a service that provides value. Our customers are always loyal to us as our service works for them and the cost of service is always the greatest value.

When we introduce a new product or feature it is with our end user in mind. We are always thinking forward in terms of our service offerings so we can insure that you in turn will always be on the forefront of the technology barrier.

We have built one of the most advanced carrier grade networks in the business and are always upgrading for the latest technology all while making sure we have multiple redundancies throughout our system for the industry’s best up time.

Supercharge Your Communications System

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